Luxury Fur Cushion in Beige

Imagine the softest, lightest fur you’ve ever stroked.

Our fur cushions are made from Suri alpaca ethically sourced from Peru. For the backs of the cushions, we use our signature baby alpaca fleece.      Each cushion is made from lots of small pieces, carefully matched for colour and texture -any variation is a part of their natural beauty.

As the extra long and lustrous Suri fur catches the light, it offers a shifting palette of neutral shades that will work with any interior design. Our cushions are a lifetime investment that will always offer comfort and joy.

40 x 40cm

suri alpaca fur

baby alpaca backing

duck feather removable insert

Care Instructions: Specialist Clean Only


In stock


Our fur cushions ethically sourced from Peru, from alpacas which have died from natural causes in Peru. Alpacas live in harsh conditions in the Andes, where the temperatures can even plummet down to -23C. Not all survive despite the efforts of the breeders. Besides the ethical aspect, there is another, simple and practical one – alpacas live up to 20 years and during this time they produce a lot of fibre. Hence they are worth much more as a constant source of alpaca fleece than for their hides!



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