Beige Maya ECO Alpaca Wool Scarf With Brown & Grey Stripes

Woven in Peru using the finest baby alpaca wool and a touch of silk, the Maya ECO Scarf is lavishly soft and delicate in weight. Baby alpaca wool is distinguished from other wools because of its deluxe softness, its eco-friendly footprint and for the fact that it is 100% hypoallergenic. Its unique thermal properties make the Maya baby alpaca wool scarf the best cosy winter accessory or lightweight summer scarf. It can also be unfolded and worn as an elegant wrap, ideal for adding a chic finish to either a formal or casual look.

Free from lanolin and other impurities, the Maya Baby Alpaca Wool Scarf is kind on sensitive skin and provides soothing comfort with its exceptional softness. Finished with gently fringed edges and naturally coloured with warm beige and light brown, it is an effortless addition to any outfit. It is coloured naturally and so saves around 53 litres of water per 1kg of raw material that would usually be wasted through artificial dying. This makes our baby alpaca wool scarf an eco-friendly alternative to other scarves, but one which does not sacrifice on style or comfort. With these qualities met to an exceptional standard, the Maya ECO Scarf is a must have wardrobe staple or a most special gift to a loved one.

* Baby alpaca wool does not come from baby alpacas. The term ‘baby’ refers to the fine grading of the fibre which is 19.5-21.5 microns in width. It is the fine quality of baby alpaca fibre which makes it distinctively softer than other wools. All Tuwi products are ethically sourced and made using Fair Trade certified suppliers.

70cm x 200cm
70%  Baby Alpaca  30% Silk
Made in Peru
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only


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The wonderful facts about baby alpaca fibre:

First, it does not come from baby animals. The term ‘baby alpaca’ describes how fine the fibre is (19,5-21,5 microns).

Baby alpaca fibre is:

– Luxurious: comparable to cashmere in its softness but is rarer than cashmere, more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

– Lightweight and breathable: its outstanding thermal qualities means baby alpaca blankets and throws keep you cool in the heat as well as cosy in winter.

Hypoallergenic: no lanolin, so ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin.

– Self-cleansing, water repellent, elastic and durable. Your baby alpaca wool scarf, blanket or throw is a long-term investment which you will enjoy for many years.


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